Cheat meal ruining your diet

In all, who are trying to change their eating habits sooner or later appear. This is a completely natural and not only pregnant women can have.

I can when it is not a good idea to enjoy a “cheat meal”:

  • We are just beginning the adventure of paleo diet and we don’t have a well earned so far eating habits, or only recently eliminated from the diet of junk food and processed products. Here I advise you to try to eat paleo by 30 days, in order to develop good habits.
  • If we do not tolerate for example, gluten free, and eating it can cause an allergic reaction, but it’s probably obvious.
  • If the diet paleo trying to cure our health problems is here, too, I would have thought to make one “ripped off” did not cause that zniweczymy a couple of weeks.
  • If we know each other and we know that on a single meal would end. Something in the style of the people who are trying to quit smoking, but they know that as soon as they try alcohol it will start to smoke cigarettes in such a case, the better to give.

Cheat day

We can approach the subject in several ways by using for example.,the principle of percentages. We eat paleo for example; in 80% and 20% are “non-paleo”. Healthier eating paleo in 80% than to abandon the cave lifestyle:).
Sam I know lots of people who from time to time allow itself a derogation from the rules of the paleo and have no problems, but on the other hand there are also people that after eating a “non-paleo” meal for the next days suffer from bloating and other gastrointestinal sensations.
These 20% of the food is good to make the dishes that are on the borderline of paleo: how rice, cheese and dairy goat, chia seeds, etc.cheat meal
Aspect of the psychological “duped”, which is nothing else but an attempt to improve a humor and mood, by eating favorite dishes. After weeks of sacrifices it seems to us that the time already on some sort of “reward” for some people this cheat day can be a motivator to persevere in their provisions.
So it’s best to have a goal, whether it be health, lose extra pounds or change your eating habits.
Paleo diet is so varied and rich in various products that everyone will find their favorite flavors, which would allow him to forget about that diet is a difficult challenge, for example. These ribs I could tuck on a daily basis.
Personally for me the most I like the approach to this topic Rob Wolf, author of the book “the Paleo diet”.

First, we use the word “cheat”, which has a negative connotation and may result in our conscience that we are doing something wrong.
We do not also percentages, because, as is the count? Writing a menu for the whole week and changing it so that it came out perfectly 80/20? Rather not

The word “cheat” change to “treats”. The most probably a matching counterpart will “delicacy”.

We set one day a week as a “cheat day”, in which we allow ourselves to Burger, cola, French fries, doughnuts and pancakes with whipped cream, ice cream, and the day we finish a pack of potato chips, pizza and beer.

cheat meal

Cheat day

And now the question is, which puts Rob: “do you really enjoy every bite all these dishes, or simply ate them because it is our” cheat day “and we can afford it all?”.
Therefore, it is important to completely get rid of the terms “cheat meal” and “cheat day”, and afford one “delicacy” If burger is only the burger without fries and Cola. Give yourself a chance to enjoy every bite, make this a feast for the senses, eat it without type of tv, computer or tablet.
If at some point cease to be a breathtaking experience is when we are talking about growth STOP-we are giving up our delicacy. You will be surprised how many products will stop quickly You taste.

Please note! Try not to waste Your “favourites” to something unworthy of attention: leftover cold pizza, a few pieces of potato chips, a few fries left by children, low-fat ice cream or warm beer-let our dishes really are tasty, and not the remnants.

All the time I repeat-this is not a paleo diet, lifestyle, it is not about to try to survive from one cheat day to another, only to try to to all 365 days a year to live and eat healthy.

And with you as it looks like ripped off day?